New style cafe which can enjoy Kabuki casually “Nagoya za”

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A cafe where you can enjoy Kabuki, traditional Japanese traditional arts casually, at a convenient distance.
Told up the traditional story with a gigantic performance featuring flashy chamber labs and actions and fascinate audiences.

2 Nagoya Kabuki Café Nagoyaza
2B Hamonika-sou1-21-21 Nagono, Nishi-ku, Nagoya, 451-0042,Aichi Prefecture
+81 80-4223-7583 Perform twice a day.Every month Friday, Saturday, Sunday

– From Nagoya Station, go through underground shopping Unimol and exit at International Center station exit number 2.5 minutes on foot to northeast from Exit 2.
– 5 minutes on foot to the northeast from exit 2 on the subway Sakura-dori Line “International Center” station.
– Take a bus bound for Nagoya from Heirokudo-ri bus stop and get off at Kikui tyou.It is an 8-minute walk from there.

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